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Aaron Lucas is a Gold Coast Builder specialising in industrial, commercial, and residential developments. The company is a family owned and operated building business that was conceived in 2003 and headed by director Roger Halfpenny who brings with him over 30 years professional experience.

  • The Gold Coast premier commercial builders and developers. Gold Coast Builder, Industrial, Commercial, Residential.

So, you are ready to get your dream house constructed? Firstly, we would like to congratulate you for reaching a higherlevel in your life. Owning a personal abode is a dream cherished by almost all the individuals and for every individual this is one of the most exciting and proud times of life. Aaron Lucas Developments has been playing a major role in fulfilling the dreams of residents of Gold Coast and surrounding areas, by being the contractor or builder they can trust. Aaron Lucas Developments might be a comparatively new name in the construction industry of Queensland, but the director Roger Halfpennyneeds no introduction when it comes to Gold Coast builders. With over 30 years of experience and professional knowledge of a house and commercial builder, he can most beautifully bring your dream to a reality.

House construction is not a simple job;Gold Coast builder not only has the responsibility of building a stunningand luxurious house but also constructing a building that adheres to local building code.From the design process to seeing your house completed, you are finally going to be able to get a place that you have always dreamed of and most important a place that you cancall yours.We are not only a team of house buildersbut we are also home owners, thus we are very well aware of the inhibitionsandworries of an individual who is looking for a builder for his dream project. Usually the things that one is concerned about include: The design of the house to be built The skill level of the builderGold Coastyou hire to get the work done The quality of materials to be used in your project The cost for the satisfactory job The skills to get any warranty work done without any hassle But when working with Aaron Lucas Developments you don’t have to worry about anything. We are licensed Queensland builder, so these concerns can best be addressed by us, as compared to someone who just does “construction work”. Benefits of hiring licensed contractor- Aaron Lucas Developments are as follows:

  • Assiduity that your project is being handled by someone who has years of experience and even the state has tested our skills and knowledge of proper building techniques, before giving us the license.
  • Having a support and guidance of a team who has the knowledge of the building codes and who will cautiously build adhering to them.
  • Rest assured by the fact that you are protected from property and liability claims as the work is being done by a fully insured team of builders.
  • The ability to check references like the QBSA (Queensland Building Services Authority) to verify the reliability and reputation of the contractor.
  • Lower end cost because we guarantee satisfaction the first time.
  • Shorter time in completing the construction work because of our competence
  • Safety in knowing that your project is being handled by renowned building inspectors so the work will be reviewed on the every step of construction to guarantee the quality and safety of the finished product.
  • Peace of mind because we being a licensed builder work only with the qualified sub-contractors to do the wiring, plumbing and other mechanical work on your project.

Our services are not only limited to house building projectsbut we also specialize in commercial and renovation projects.We work closely with our clients to avoid any disputes as well ascomplete the work on time guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. In addition, after working on so many construction and renovation projects we know what issues can arise during the construction project, thus we are prepared for them in advance to avoid any hassles and delays. Whether it be bad weather or unavailability of materials or anything else, we know exactly what needs to be done to keep the construction work going. Our team of renovation builder and commercial builder are unstoppable. We ensure that you shift in your new house on the date we discussed while discussing the project, initially. So, while we work on your dream home project, you can continue preparing for the grand inauguration event without worrying about the visits to the site to check if the progress is constant. We are true to our job as well as our customers. Totally, unlike other Gold Coast builders, our builders shop carefully for the materials and use only the ace quality materials for the construction of your house, office or any other structure, in order to ensure structural durability and your loved ones safety. Also, we stay at least a week or two ahead of schedule, whichgives us enough time to ensure best quality and highest standard results. We never compromise with the quality no matter what. So, look no further and get in contact with us today to discuss your dream home project.


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